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"I’ve been a part of many Bible studies before, but this is the first group I’ve come across which has opened a door for growth this large." – Student Leader

Jesus called his disciples to leave their life, to be with him, and to learn from him how to be like him.  It was a high commitment with high challenge but it came with it incalculable rewards.


IV Discipleship Groups are a high commitment/high challenge spaces with a smaller group of people that meet weekly to focus on spiritual transformation and leadership development.

What you will learn:

  1. ​What actually is discipleship?  What are its components?  How did Jesus do it? 

  2. What is love and how to we actually become loving?

  3. Learn tools that help you to discover the mental narratives and connected behavioral patterns that govern your life.

  4. Learn the 3 core "lies" that play out in our lives.

  5. Practice spiritual disciplines that will help you surrender to God rather than "trying harder" to become a person of love.

  6. Learn how these elements can be applied to all relationships and areas of responsibility in our lives.



  • Fill out Connect Form to let us know you're interested.

  • Starts the second Wednesday of each semester

  • Meyer Conference Rm. in Student Center

  • 4-7 people per group (first come first serve)

  • Come check out the first 3 weeks with no commitment and decide afterwards.

  • Commitment to attend every week if you decide to join.

  • FREE LUNCH PROVIDED (fill out Connect Form)

intervarsity Discipleship


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