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Thursdays @ 7pm

The captain's lounge

Pursuing a graduate-level degree brings on its own special challenges.  Therefore, we recognize that it's helpful to have a space where graduate students can gather in community as they discuss what it means to follow Jesus in that unique sphere.  InterVarsity's graduate fellowship is known on campus as Rice Graduate Christian Fellowship (RGCF). 
This is our main gathering.  Every week we come together to grow deeper in our friendships, study the Bible, worship God, and pray.
Inductive Bible Study: As a community, we are highly committed to the study of and response to the Scriptures.  We study the Bible in a unique way to help us understand what it meant to the original authors in its original context so that we can learn to apply it appropriately.
Watch this video to learn more:
In addition to community, Bible study, prayer, and worship, we will spend some weeks hearing from students and professors how they see their faith integrating with the work they are doing.
The GSA Captain's Lounge is found in the basement of the RMC next to Willy's Pub.  We'll start the first Thursday of each semester!  Come join us!
  • Small Groups: These spaces provide opportunities for building deeper relationships as you meet, eat, study the Bible or a book, and share life with one another.  We have small groups when students have a desire to form them.  Look for announcements at the beginning of each semester to see if we have some starting.  If you'd like to start your own then let us know! 
  • Socials: Grad school can be overwhelming and isolating, so we want to be sure to support and encourage one another. We aim to have one social per month to get the group together and get away from work a bit.
  • Service: Jesus has called us all as his children to care for those in the world around us. Though you may not be able to make a regular commitment yourself at this time, as a group we have been able to support and serve with the CCSC Food Pantry once per month. 
  • Church Tour: There is a lot of variety in the way the Church expresses itself in their worship of God. We all attend different types of churches, and it may be interesting to share that experience with each other. We aim to have a church tour visit once a month.


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