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IV Nights
Thursdays @ 7pm

Miner lounge

Every week we gather together to grow deeper in our friendships, study the Bible, worship God, and pray together.  Sometimes we'll have speakers.  Other times we'll engage in Inductive Bible study altogether.

Inductive Bible Study: As a community, we are highly committed to the study of and response to the Scriptures.  We study the Bible in a unique way to help us understand what it meant to the original authors in its original context so that we can learn to apply it appropriately.

Watch this video to learn more:

In addition to community, Bible study, prayer, and worship, we will spend some weeks responding to current events happening in our culture via open discussion and prayer.
The Miner Lounge is found down the hall from the info desk in the RMC.  Sometimes we will also meet in Meyer Conference Room next to Miner Lounge.  We'll start the first Thursday of each semester!  Come join us!
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